How to Look Like a Rock Star

Having a baby and being exhausted a lot of the time makes me feel really old and decrepit. Sometimes I see a picture of myself and I am surprised by how young I look, simply because I feel so old. And something about feeling old makes me want to at least fake youthfulness.

In fact, I think this is what you call a mid-life crisis. Or a mid-childbearing crisis. I don't want to be matronly. I don't want to be called "Ma'am". I want to be youthful and be called "Miss".

Sure, the correct term for a married woman with 3 children is "Ma'am". But I am throwing convention to the wind here because I pretty much want to pretend. I want to get hip. Be cool again (ok, I've never actually been cool, but I did say this was for pretends).

So I took a little trip down to the fantastic Euphoria Salon for some  help. Here is before, at home with the baby. Clearly something needs to be done with those split ends either way. Soooo.... let's chop 'em off!

Hey, everyone! Come and see how good I look!

You cannot tell it's red in this picture because of the lighting, but it is. And next time it is going to be a whole lot redder. I am getting braver. Or more desperate to reclaim my youth, one of the two.

Upon seeing my new 'do, my friend's daughter said, "You don't look like yourself."

"Who do I look like?"

"A rock star."

(insert giant smile here)

Even though I am perfectly aware that I am not now, nor will I ever be, cool enough to actually look like a rock star, I love that in her mind I did look like one. Sometimes a good hair cut is all you need  to make you feel all young and kicky again. And to complete my new look I bought some new super hip sunglasses. With the new hair and the sunglasses it makes me positively want to frolic, I feel so young. I didn't even feel this young when I actually was young! Well, gotta go. I am going to gambol merrily and perhaps even romp a bit.  Peace out!


  1. Hot mama! I like your hair longer but have to say it does look darn good with the new style. Awesome!

    And double kudos for using a line from Anchorman!

    1. Yay, someone got the Anchorman reference! You are my hero for getting that.

  2. Look at you!!! I must say, you looked pretty fab before the new do, but love the sassy new style! Can't wait to see you flaunt your stuff in person!

    1. Yeah, I am so super sassy now that I even use cool slang that no one but really sassy people can understand. :)

  3. OMGoodness!!! You DO look like a rock star!! And I should know, I've been blessed with a "cool" gene and can spot one of my own ;) ... Can't wait to see you in person!!!

    1. Why thank you! If someone really cool says I am cool then I think that makes me legit. I have officially arrived!

  4. Yay for hott mami's! I can't wait to reclaim my inner rock star!

  5. Replies
    1. Maybe I should post a pic of the sunglasses... you would really think I look like a rock star then!


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