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How to Be Awesome

I'm awesome because I know that I am, and that makes me awesome. Its a circular paradigm, and it works for me. But I will allow you in to my secret chamber of awesomeness by actually showing you the proof of it. The proof is actually NOT in the pudding. It's in the cookie. Ready? Ready?


I made these.

I was so outraged that people charge $4 per to make beautiful cookies that I decided to just make them myself. Here is another picture of them.

You just fell in love with me a little, didn't you. I can't say I blame you.

I threw this baby shower tea for a good friend of mine and I was convinced she needed baby-themed cookies to make it complete. For those of you interested in party planning ideas, here are a few other particulars.

Cherry blossom gift boxes, with little "It's a Girl!" Hershey kisses inside. I forgot to take a close up of the finished box, but here is one half way through it. The pink circle went at the top of the box to hold a coordinati…