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True Story: I Won the Lottery

Alright, so you think I won the money lottery. Fair enough, that is the title of my post. But the truth is that I won the BABY lottery! And that is so much better than the money lottery. You probably think that is a ridiculous statement, but in my world its the truth. Because I am pregnant, not with one baby, but with TWO! In my world, that is the most amazing news I could have ever gotten.

See, I am not a cute, perky pregnant lady. I am a sleepy, cranky pregnant lady whose patience thins as her belly grows. For this reason, the fact that I am getting two snuggly babies out of the deal instead of one is amazing news!

Twins don't run in my family, and I had no reason to expect this. But at my first ultrasound the ultrasound tech casually said, "Alright, here is the baby and the heartbeat. is the other baby, and the other heartbeat."

You guys? I nearly jumped through the roof. I was like, "WHAT???????" And then I started laughing and crying all at the …