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We went on a family vacation to San Diego and L.A. this past week, and I just wanted to share some highlights of the trip.

At the San Diego Zoo we started out at the petting zoo and the Insect House. Here is a sign that for some reason just plain cracked me up. The Spanish version at the bottom says, "Please do not ride the goats." L-O-Ls 4-Ever!!!

And here was a fun photo op next to the Insect House.

Is it sad that the highlights of this world-class zoo were both at the kids petting zoo area at the start of the trip? Perhaps. But if you had to walk uphill the entire time, you would have lost your sense of humor pretty quickly too. I still don't know how we managed to go up hills constantly but downhill only once. It's a mystery.

Another fantastic thing about San Diego (apart from our awesome hotel with the patio that opened up onto a private beach in front of a marina)...

  ...was this restaurant, with a very long tag line in Spanish.

Translated, it says, "The …


I was excited to be invited to a screening for Disney Pixar's new movie Brave last week, because I am cheap and don't like to pay for movies but mostly because the girls have really been anxious to see it. So we showed up for the screening and there was a huuuuge line. It occurred to me that perhaps this was a screening for the hoi polloi, rather than important bloggers such as myself. We waited in line for a while and then I finally realized I needed to probably jump the line.  Because I am special. And I am not a part of the hoi polloi.
So I went up the to door and I was all, "Hey there friend, I am on the list. You know, press?" And then they were all, "Um, you aren't on this list." And then I was all, "Yes I am, its the name in in bold at the top of the list." And then they were all like, "Ohhh, right. So sorry, please - come right in!" So I'm like, "That's what I thought! Yeah..." But of course it turns out tha…

Cookie Monster

I don't know what is happening here, but I am turning into a cookie monster. This is not going be a cookie blog from now on, I really promise! But that said, check out my latest cookies! You only wish you could taste them. They are delish.

These are also for a friend's baby shower. So now I have the cookie decorating bug. I am fairly certain that I am going to be cookie obsessed for a little while longer. I actually just made some more for the baptism of 2 of my friends daughters. I will post those soon as well.

I am going to be all cookie obsessed for a little while longer, and then before you know it, I am going to be completely over it and you will never see another cookie on this blog again. Peace out!