We went on a family vacation to San Diego and L.A. this past week, and I just wanted to share some highlights of the trip.

At the San Diego Zoo we started out at the petting zoo and the Insect House. Here is a sign that for some reason just plain cracked me up. The Spanish version at the bottom says, "Please do not ride the goats." L-O-Ls 4-Ever!!!

And here was a fun photo op next to the Insect House.

Is it sad that the highlights of this world-class zoo were both at the kids petting zoo area at the start of the trip? Perhaps. But if you had to walk uphill the entire time, you would have lost your sense of humor pretty quickly too. I still don't know how we managed to go up hills constantly but downhill only once. It's a mystery.

Another fantastic thing about San Diego (apart from our awesome hotel with the patio that opened up onto a private beach in front of a marina)...

  ...was this restaurant, with a very long tag line in Spanish.

Translated, it says, "The famous Chinese restaurant in San Diego. Welcome to shellfish. Come approve our delicious food."

After San Diego we made our way back up to Disneyland, which is always a family favorite. And I got my Merida wig, so I am a happy camper. To borrow the words from Brave, "Feast yerrr eyes!!!"

Actually that might be my Carrot Top wig. Or my Annie wig. Sometimes they get mixed up in my dress up box.

But since I am far too vain to leave you with that image of me, here is another one of Rose and I at Disneyland, which has been properly airbrushed and touched up.

All in all, it was a pretty fantastic vacation. I just wish we could take a vacation like that every month!


  1. Awesome post! I know what you mean about walking

    I'd love to feature this post on our San Diego-based site. Email me for details.

    shondra (at) dwellable (dot) com


  2. Carrot top, definitely. But without the muscles.

  3. Love the bug photos of the girls, the view out the door to your room, and the wig!
    And yes, WHY is the zoo all uphill? Ask Phillip to tell us next time he's in the explaining mood.

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