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What I Wore Sunday: It fits!!!

I'm not sure what's going on at Fine Linen and Purple, but they don't have the link up today! I am going link up on last week's. (Update: The linky is up! I am current, woo!)

This is what I wore today, the normal shot:

And the too much coffee shot:

 The skirt is Dress Barn, and I am excited to announce that since I had my baby 5 months ago, I have not been able to zip it up all the way - until today!!!

Since I got rid of anything too shabby or worn when I got pregs with PJ, and all my other clothes is maternity, my regular size clothes is limited. I need to build up the ol' wardrobe again. All I had was this T-shirt material top that is white with a light blue print on the front. Also, haven't fit into it until today! Big day for me. It was not matching exactly, but the best I could do until I can go shopping again. So I wore a little cardigan over it and hoped for the best. Shoes are Nine West from about 150 years ago. Possibly 200 years, more or less.

High he…

Have Bumbo, Will Travel

So PJ is teething like a champ. And, like a teething baby champ, he is keeping me awake a whole lot more than I would like. Which is to not wake up at all. That is what I would like.

After a charming night during which he and I have lovely conversations and entertaining intellectual debates* we both get some refreshing shut eye from about 5-7am. Then, once the morning rolls around, which keeps happening for some unfathomable reason, I usually put him into the Bumbo seat so I can make breakfast.

He really likes to sit in his Bumbo seat, but the drawback is that the girls always scooch him around the house in it, so I might turn my back for a minute to pour myself some coffee and its like he was suddenly raptured.  I turn back around and there is no trace of him.

So then I have to hunt him down. Often, its my almost-3-year-old daughter Rose who has taken him. If she is eating breakfast or lunch she will scoot him right next to her chair. But most often, I find them in some distant …


Oh my goodness, I am just dying right now. I found this website for traditional children's clothing and its AHHHMAAZZZINNNG!!!! Its called The Wooden Soldier and it has all sort of gorgeous stuff like girls smocked dresses, and gorgeous winter coats with actual, old-fashioned muffs!!! Look!

I mean, its like out of a Disney movie or something! This one reminds me of Beauty and the Beast:

 And they have all sorts of outfits, including Easter and Christmas outfits, for all the kids to match! Check out their Matching section. MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE. TOO. MUCH. CUTENESS!!!

Some of these remind me of the Von Trapp Family! And I absolutely want every last thing on this website for my kids!

I just.. I can't even... look - matching sailor outfits!!

I wish it weren't so pricey, but they are like movie set quality in my opinion. I bet people buy these to take family photos. Hmmm, WE are planning a family photo session soon...hmmmmm.....

Go to the website and look around, they ev…

What I Wore Sunday

Even though I haven't done one of these posts in a long time, and I cannot remember if I ever posted this outfit, I've decided to go for it!

I have recently lost about 12 lbs since the baby was born, and I am happy to fit back in some of my pre-preg dresses. This is pre-hair/makeup so I have this weird "old lady chipmunk" face happening, so just ignore that part.

Up until this point I've been feeling frumpy with what I wear to Mass - plain skirts and plain solid tops, jazzed up with chunky necklaces, and flats that make my feet look like burritos. Not loving that look. So I'm excited to wear a dress and high heels to Mass again! Voila!

Dress: From good ol' JC Pennies, Robbie B brand Bolero: Worthington (Pennies, too I think!) Shoes: Dress Barn from about 10 years ago Necklace: Hard to see, but its a small heart made of a South American stone called "Rosa de las Incas". It belonged to my Argentine grandmother 
And since I am still working on ge…