Have Bumbo, Will Travel

So PJ is teething like a champ. And, like a teething baby champ, he is keeping me awake a whole lot more than I would like. Which is to not wake up at all. That is what I would like.

20140919_075913After a charming night during which he and I have lovely conversations and entertaining intellectual debates* we both get some refreshing shut eye from about 5-7am. Then, once the morning rolls around, which keeps happening for some unfathomable reason, I usually put him into the Bumbo seat so I can make breakfast.

He really likes to sit in his Bumbo seat, but the drawback is that the girls always scooch him around the house in it, so I might turn my back for a minute to pour myself some coffee and its like he was suddenly raptured.  I turn back around and there is no trace of him.

So then I have to hunt him down. Often, its my almost-3-year-old daughter Rose who has taken him. If she is eating breakfast or lunch she will scoot him right next to her chair. But most often, I find them in some distant corner of the house, shockingly far away from where I left him. Sometimes it takes me a while to find PJ and Rose because she is purposefully hiding him so I won’t take him back. She actually hoards PJ. And she gets defensive and angry when I do try to take him back. She reminds me of a giant spider who has dragged a poor little fly into her lair. I wish I had time to photoshop Rose's head onto a spider's body and Pj's ontp a fly body to exemplify this scenario. That would be funny.

I remember seeing a video on YouTube once of a stop-motion video of a baby traveling around the house in his Bumbo. I tried to find it to post here, but to no avail. It would have been very apropos.

But it isn't always Rose who raptures PJ. Other times, its Violet (age 5) or Ivy (age 7) who take him. But these two don’t keep him stationary unless they want to pretend he is their doll. Mostly they slide him back and forth between the kitchen and the living room like they are driving a car! It’s pretty funny and he really does love it. Now if only he loved his sleep as much as he loves that Bumbo!

* Sample witty conversation:

PJ: Waaaa!
Me: Shhhh!
PJ: Waaaa!
Me: Its 3am, please just sleep!!
PJ: Waaaa!
Me: What!! What do you want?? 
PJ: Waaa!
Me: I am going to die now.
PJ: Waaaaa!
Me: I will pay you cash money, right now, to go to sleep!
PJ: Waaaaa!
Me: Waaaaa!

I know, right?? Totally entertaining convos! Be jealous.


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