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Tragedy Strikes

So my dog Princess, the one that hates me, has been particularly odious to me since I have been pregnant. She smells awful to my sensitive pregnant nose, and she just generally disgusts and revolts me in a way that is quite surprising.

I wanted send her to live with a friend of mine until I have the baby and I regain my emotional self-control. But then tragedy struck.

Phillip accidentally stepped on her paw (because she likes to be in the way and trip people up whenever possible, and she will strategize about how to be in the most inconvenient place possible). She yelped, which she never does even when we do accidentally trip over her or step on a paw. And when he tried to check her out she positively yowled and tried to bite him (a major, unbelievable, incredible, stunning departure of character for this dog, who never EVER bites -she will barely bite her own dog food).

She could not put weight on it and limped, so obviously something was very wrong. We spent 3 hours at the animal ho…


My belly has popped out, ALREADY. I was expecting it, of course. Even with my first baby, at my thinnest (granted, my thinnest was still like 20 pounds overweight), the very second I was pregnant, my pants fit too tightly. The second pregnancy had me popping out around the same time.

This time around, it took a little longer, probably because I had a little more muscle tone or because I tried to suck in the gut more diligently or because my clothes is of stretchier fabric. But there comes a point when you just can't suck it in and your clothes hide nothing.

My 3 month pregnant belly looks more like a 6 month pregnant belly. Especially right after I have eaten a meal. I am like a boa constrictor that ate a lamb. Or a small goat. By the time I get into my third trimester it will be like I swallowed a cow. Its true, you can see for yourself.

But I really should not complain too much, the truth is that this pregnancy is already worlds easier than the last one. I just started my secon…

The Pregnancy Progresses

Energy levels are continually dipping... all energy is being consumed by baby.... I have nothing more to say.... except this: I need a nap. And a maid.

I guess I am sending Violet out for groceries today.


You're On Notice, Chuck Norris

The truth is out. As a dear reader guessed in the comments of my last post, the latest news is that I am indeed pregnant! This explains my patchy posts, as I have been tired out by all that making another human being and stuff. Its the excuse of the century when I neglect my household duties. If my husband complains that he has no clean socks, I fix him with "the look" and tell him, "Today I made our baby's nervous system. What did you do today?" Argument over, I win. And then I tell him I am going to go take a nap and to please watch the girls, make dinner, and throw a load of laundry in because we are all out of clean socks.

Anyway, I went to the doctor yesterday and got my second ultrasound of the pregnancy. The baby is just 11 weeks along, measuring 1.5 inches, and guess what. That baby was kicking and karate chopping like you would not believe. So you are officially on notice, Chuck Norris. You will meet your match in about 6 more months.

The baby also r…