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Happy Halloween!

I didn't get to take the girls out Trick or Treating because, well, I just had a baby. And its funny how little energy one has when one has given birth a few days ago.

Also, can I just say I had no idea how much recovery is involved in a natural birth? I'd had c-sections until this point, and I had the illusion that regular birth would be a cinch to recover from. Oh, how wrong I was!

Although its not my usual style, I found this picture funny and timely, so to celebrate Halloween and my recent birthing, please enjoy:

She Has Arrived!

Introducing Rose Felicity, born on my birthday, October 27th at 1:31pm. 7lbs 3 oz, 19 inches long. 

Today is THE Day

Today is my due date. I am feeling ready to go. But nothing is happening yet. This is not part of my plan. I planned on going into labor either early or exactly on time. If I am not in labor by midnight tonight I am going to be ticked.

Well, ok, I will not be ticked. But I will be bummed. I cannot wait to hold this new baby in my arms, and everyone is asking me, "When? When? When?"

I wish I had an answer, but in the meantime I am starting to feel the pressure. I should just hide out in my house until she is born. Every time I see someone I know they ask me "When?" ... which makes me feel like I can't show my face around here until I am holding the baby in my arms instead of my uterus. I mean, how embarrassing! I am due but I am not in labor! Hello, body! Can we have some cooperation here??

So I think hiding is a good idea. That's my tactic. What do you do when you labor is imminent and everyone is staring you down?

Tina Fey at Green Valley Ranch

Since we moved so close to the District at Green Valley Ranch, and the weather has been nice, we are able to actually walk over there without too much effort. A sudden burst of energy over the last few days (a sign of imminent labor perhaps??) also contributed to us being able to walk over there the last two nights.

Tonight, though, instead of a band there was a DJ leading all the kids in the spongy play area in a rousing version of the Hokey Pokey. We were having dinner outside at Rachel's Cafe and enjoying the ridiculously perfect weather while this was going on, so we heard it but didn't get over there until after we finished eating. By that time, the DJ had moved on to more "adult" music for the kids and parents crowd. In other words, very urban pop music.

Can I just say how fascinating people-watching is? One little girl of about 7 years of age was busting some serious dance moves - I am sure I recognized some of them from past Madonna or Janet Jackson videos. …

Clark County Heritage Museum

Let's play a game called "Quaint or Creepy?"

This is where I post pictures of something that I must categorize as either quaint or as creepy. It's October so I think this is appropriate. I went to the Clark County Heritage Museum today for the first time. I am going to give it a Muppet Rating, but first the important part: Quaint or Creepy?

Kid-Friendly Las Vegas Halloween Events

Halloween is practically here! So I went through and found some of the Halloween-themed events going on around Las Vegas this month and on Halloween itself. 
I know my formatting is jacked up but I haven't snared my hubby to fix it for me yet. I figured I would just get it up here and worry about formatting later. 

Lied Discovery Museum - All month
The museum has lots of activities all month long, including Los Dias De Los Muertos Celebration and  Ofrendas which will be on display all month. Activities are divided by age. See website for details.
Oct. 8-14: Skeleton Candy Baskets and Skeleton Figurine; Pasta Skeleton. Create a colorful pasta Catrina or Zapatista to celebrate Dias de los Muertos.  Oct. 15-21: Mini Ofrendas and Calavera and Katrina Puppet.  Oct. 22-28: Halloween- Pumpkin Patch. Create a pumpkin patch using pre-cut pumpkins and your finger painting skills.  Oct. 29-Nov. 4: Sugar Skulls and Yarn Skull Paintings.
Cost: Regular museum entry fee or annual membership. Hall…

Movin' On

It is done. We are moved into our new house. This week has been crazy. It's not been so much stressful as it was exhausting. I seriously do not know how hermit crabs do it. If I were a hermit crab I would never move houses. I would just stay in my old one, even if it squeezed me in all the wrong places and made me look fat.

Somehow, extreme pregnancy and moving a house just does not mix. You would think that it would, but it does not. Of course, technically, we are not completely moved. I still have a ton of non-essential boxes in the old house. I have things that still need going through and things that need to be junked.

I hired movers for all the big stuff, but I was responsible for getting all our super-essentials into the new house. And since my husband started a new job recently he couldn't really take the time off during the week for the move. And yes, I scheduled it during the week on purpose - because my crazy nesting instincts are running overtime, and I needed to be…