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Conversations with a 4 Year Old

Ivy: How old awe you, Mom?
Me: 34.
Ivy: Soon yo' going to die.
Me: What?!?
Ivy (matter-of-factly): Soon yo' going to die, I guess.
Me: No, I'm not! Why??
Ivy: Because yo' 34. That's old.
Me: Um, its not that old. Abuelita didn't die til she was 100. 
Ivy: Dad is old too. He's 35. He's an old man.
Me: Yeah, well, we aren't going to die yet.


Let's Play Good Idea/Bad Idea!

Good Idea: Hitting a piñata at a birthday party.

Bad Idea: Trying on the broken piñata head in the presence of the same children who destroyed it.

Run Plus Fun

I took the girls to Run Plus Fun in Henderson this week, which is an indoor playground, kind of like Child's Play.

The whole thing is set up on three levels where kids can run through at full speed. No worries on the children getting hurt as they come around corners though, because everything is padded. Like an insane asylum. Not that I have ever been in an insane asylum (Yes you have. No I haven't. Yes you have. No I haven't. Shut up! Shut up!). It's what I imagine an asylum would be like.

There is also an area for infants and small children, and a snack area with tables.

It costs $8 per child, and everyone has to wear socks - even the adults, otherwise you will have to buy some of the socks they sell there.

Here are the girls, all excited and ready for some running and funning.

There is a pit full of yellow and green balls, and kids can go down a slide and land right in the middle

And here is the comfy mom couch, which is configured so you can watch little toddlers …

Where Have All the Muppets Gone?

Hey, remember when I used actually go places? And review them? Remember when I would totally write about fun places for moms and babies to go in this town instead of relying on my other blogger friends like De Su Mama to review places for me? Do you remember my Muppet Rating System?  If you don't remember, here it is again.

I was visiting another Vegas mom blog with a name very similar to mine and she sure has it together, with a little calendar of local events and everything. I'm not going to tell you what that blog is though, because I am jealous and I think if I tell you then you will leave me for another blogger. Especially one who updates her calendar regularly. There is only room for ONE fabulous "Las Vegas Mama" in this town, thanks.

So here you are, and here you will stay. You and I will be happy here...together...forever. But not in a creepy way where after you die I keep your body dressed in your wedding outfit and prop you up on the couch and pretend to ha…

Tivoli Village

Seeing as how I am a major slacker these days about posting, I am going to give you a special treat. A double treat. Not only do you actually get to read something on this blog, you are also going to get to meet my new Las Vegas blogger friend Vanessa from De Su Mama, who wrote this guest post.  And you get a review for somewhere new, which I have not done in forever. And that is not even hyperbole, it really has been forever. Like, literally. And if you don't beleive in forever just try and remember how it used to take for the bell to ring and let you out of your high school geometry class. Am I right? It was forever.

After you read this post, head over to her blog, give her a "follow", and enjoy her amazing photography skills. And don't forget to give her some comment love!

Tivoli Village
For the last few years, as you drive down Fort Apache where it turns into Rampart, you would see a large stretch of land slowly being developed into what appeared to …

Happy Independence Day!

Today we celebrate the day we gained independence from England by trying to blow up America. Let freedom ring, yee haw!!! Happy 4th of July!