Run Plus Fun

I took the girls to Run Plus Fun in Henderson this week, which is an indoor playground, kind of like Child's Play.

The whole thing is set up on three levels where kids can run through at full speed. No worries on the children getting hurt as they come around corners though, because everything is padded. Like an insane asylum. Not that I have ever been in an insane asylum (Yes you have. No I haven't. Yes you have. No I haven't. Shut up! Shut up!). It's what I imagine an asylum would be like.

There is also an area for infants and small children, and a snack area with tables.

It costs $8 per child, and everyone has to wear socks - even the adults, otherwise you will have to buy some of the socks they sell there.

Here are the girls, all excited and ready for some running and funning.

There is a pit full of yellow and green balls, and kids can go down a slide and land right in the middle

Upside down lollipops

Is it just me or does this look like a hamster cage?
Here are some fun slides, they go pretty fast but even little kids love it.
These air cannons shoot light weight balls. Yes, I got hit. A lot. But it didn't hurt.

And here is the comfy mom couch, which is configured so you can watch little toddlers in the small kids area.

Overall, I really liked this place. It was very clean and comfortable, and the fact that the kids can run at full speed across the various levels is a big plus when you are trying to get them tired out. The downside was the price. At $8 per child its fine if you have an only child. But just FYI: $8+$8=$16. And $16 dollars is a lot of money for one measly morning of fun. This is good for a special occasion or an occasional splurge, but definitely not as a weekly activity.  I give Run Plus Fun:


  1. actually, that looks like the pop up bug pagoda from insect lore (those people who sell you butterflies and praying mantis eggs and stuff).

  2. We should have a play date there one week. Lucy is terrified though of climbing up to the slide things...can parents get in there with them? I might be able to convince her if I go with her at first.

    I agree that $8 is pretty steep, but it would be cool to try it ;)

    Also, is it $8 for unlimited time?

  3. Yes, parents can climb throughout the entire structure, I am pretty sure. You can stay as long as you want for the $8.

  4. Hey LV Mama... did you know 8+8+8=24. Just thought you'd like to know ;)


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