It's So Easy, It's Child's Play

Child's Play is an indoor playground on the Southwest, which is excellent during the intolerable summer months. Ivy enjoyed it far more than a regular playground because they have a little play house with a kitchen and toy dinnerware.

They have a couple of classrooms where they randomly break out free costumes and crafts when it starts getting crowded in the play area. Costumes are for boys too (Darth Vadar, swords, armor, etc.) Those same classrooms host a variety of child classes such as ballet and music classes.

Good Thing: They have someone constantly cleaning, organizing, and most importantly sanitizing the toys and play equipment. The entrance always has an attendant so kids aren't likely to escape if you lose track for a few minutes. Excellent for one's peace of mind.

Bad Thing: You have to pay $5 per visit or purchase a pass or membership. To quote Ursula from The Little Mermaid, "You can't get something for nothing, you know."

Weird Thing: No one can wear shoes, not even parents. All are required to wear socks. At least the bathrooms are spotless. In fact, it is also weird how pristine everything is considering there are sticky and messy kids climbing all over everything. Even keeping the "Good Thing" in mind, the cleanliness and order is surreal.

Cool Thing: There is a hair salon inside, as well as couches and tables so you can eat a packed lunch. Coffee and Wi-Fi are provided as an amenity.

UPDATE: The $5 fee is for first time visitors. After that its $10 per visit or $9 for a 10 day pass. Is it just me or is that flat out expensive?


  1. first, why can't places like this be in Henderson, and two, why can't they be open on Saturday?

  2. Yeah, don't think that didn't cross my mind! The hunt continues for a good place to have breakfast that has a kid corral. I am kinda thinking it may not exist! If it were open, we could take a bucket of bagels and chill while the kids play..!

  3. Wow! Are there age limits? Sounds brilliant. How far southwest are we talking?

  4. I didn't see an age limit, but I imagine older kids would not be that entertained by this ... southwest as in Warm Springs and Cimarron. If you take the 215 you just exit Buffalo left and its just a minute of two from the exit.

  5. Sounds wonderful and wonderfully expensive! If you have the $$$ it's probaly worth it. Don't they have scholarships?

  6. Sounds really neat, but I agree expensive!


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