Road Trips Make Me So Happy

We drove back up from L.A. today. I really enjoy our long drives between L.A. and Las Vegas. Its an opportunity to be in very small confined spaces with my two toddlers. They love small confined spaces. It turns their usual cuteness into Ultra-Concentrated Super Cuteness. And what parent doesn't love that?

After slowly doling out freeze-dried yogurt puffs and fish crackers for THREE HOURS they were finally silent. And then suddenly out of the blessed silence:

Ivy: Mom?
Me (with dread): Yes...?
Ivy: I need a snack.

The last thing I remember before blacking out was throwing handfuls of yogurt puffs into the back of the car.


  1. Yes I remember those days. When the kids were little and they went where ever you took them without asking why? and Are we there yet? Now it has been replaced with: Can u change that station? Please put it up louder and my favorite, I can't hear the music if u guys are talking...


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