Attack the Mac Shack

You love feeding mac n' cheese to your kids, because it's easy and filling. You can lie about it but no one is going to believe you and then people will know you are a liar. And then you are going to be embarrassed for real. So just embrace it and let's all be lazy moms together.

Now that we are all on the same page, I want you to know that feeding them Mac n' Cheese just got easier and healthier.

Enter The Mac Shack, a new restaurant on Warm Springs and Durango that opens this Friday, brought to you by the popular Nora's family of restaurants (Original Nora's, Nora's Wine Bar, Bottega Nora).

It's gourmet quality Italian food with fresh ingredients, without the gourmet price tag. This is the perfect place if you don't want to cook or clean up after dinner, but you are also dreading the idea of sitting in a restaurant while your kids squirm and whine because they are hungry. 

You order at the counter as you come in, take your number, and then someone brings your food to you. Part of the Mac Shack concept is that your order comes out within about 5 minutes, so by the time you have settled everyone in their seats there is a good chance your food will ready. I feel relieved just thinking about how easy that is.

If you are worried there is not going to be anything worthwhile for the adults, there is a variety of other pastas and gourmet salads. Although once you try their Asiago Blue Mac (asiago, blue, and pecorino cheeses) you may suddenly discover yourself to be a mac-lovin' kid too.


  1. When does this open? I think maybe we should have a Sowders/Leal dinner get together

  2. I went to the soft opening, but it officially opens this Friday. We should definitely plan an outing!


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