Caption Contest!

By chance I snapped this photo of Ivy making a funny face, and I could not let it go to waste!

The winner gets bragging rights as the most clever person I know, because my brain is already on vacay and I could not think of anything. I like to say "vacay" instead of vacation because it makes me feel all sassy and fun. I realize it makes others think I am ditzy and annoying. And I am ok with that.

Enter your caption in the comment box!


  1. Geez, Mom! Put on some makeup! Luv ya XO ;)

  2. Uh oh, she looks mad. I guess drawing that mural on the wall was not such a great idea after all...

  3. I know we should install fans to save on electricity, but this wind machine is ridiculous!

  4. Uh Oh someone cut the cheese!


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