Ways in Which the New Dog Shows that She Hates Me

  • She jumps on the furniture
  • She opens and closes her mouth, making a dry-mouth sound in the dead of night (I have super mom bat hearing, what!)
  • She pooped in my house (only once, but it qualifies as passive resistance to our authority)
  • She jumps on the dinner table when my back is turned to eat our leftovers
  • She poops at everyone else's house that I take her to
  • She is always underfoot and I trip on her constantly 
Next dog-related post will be how I show the dog that I hate her back.


  1. Just another reminder of why I refuse to get a dog! Cats are sooo much easier! I love dogs BUT they just seem like too much work.

  2. Agreed. I have always been a cat person. At least if they hate you they are content to just give you the stink eye from their spot in that little patch of sunlight they are lounging in.

  3. Dogs can be... willful. She probably doesn't hate you, she's just showing you who's the boss. And as for pooping in other people's houses... well, poop is funny.

  4. I thought all was well in doggy land?


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