The Nose

This was supposed to be a humorous post about what that dirt smudge on kids' noses is comprised of. But then I started drawing a nose, and it was so beautiful I could not cover it up with a smudge.

So instead, I am going to give you random stuff that flowed through my head as I drew it. Think of it as free association on the topic of The Nose:
  • When drawing the human face the nostrils are supposed to be darkest, but if you actually draw them that way the face looks just like Miss Piggy.
  • In French a nose is called "un nez", which also happens to be what they call someone who develops perfumes for a living. When I was 13 that is what I wanted to be when I grew up.
  • I cannot draw a baby nose, its all just adult noses (by extrapolation you can figure out that I cannot draw baby faces either)
  • Kids' noses are magnets of the following: dirt, dogs' tongues, their own finger, and my business. No wonder they are sick all the time.
  • Nostrils are highly undignified. Just ask yourself - if you were staring down the barrel of Brad Pitt's nostrils, would the thing running through your head still be, "Oh, he sooo dreamy!"
  • The more average a human face is (devoid of really unique characteristics) the more attractive it is considered to be (only tangentially nose-related, but still)
Feel free to add your own nose-related free association in the comment box!


  1. Not a big fan of noses... my nose is about the most ordinary part of my face so I guess by your logic I have a comparatively strikingly beautiful nose. YeeHaw!

  2. Dear Fab LV mama...
    i wonder if it is possible to use this picture from your blog?. I'm graphic designer and i m searching a nose like this for an article based on nose!

    ps: i can credit you if you want

    ps2 i'm looking forward for a quick responce

    Daddy cool(i have 2 kids)

  3. Sure thing, chicken wing. I take that as a compliment. You may use it if you credit me. Email me at so I can give you my full name.


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