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Nivea for Men - Party at the Palms

So this week I was invited to a party at the Palms. Would you believe I had never set foot in the Palms, even after nearly 7 years of Las Vegas living? True story.

The party was a launch of Nivea for Men's new campaign called "Look Like You Give a Damn". Phillip came with me, since after all he is a man and can appreciate the fact that the party was more manliness-oriented. As for me, I was excited just to have a chance to dress up in something other than my usual uniform of jeans and clogs.

So the party was in the Fantasy Tower's Sky Villa, which has an awesome infinity pool. This one, in fact:

The Sky Villa is really beautiful - 2 stories of luxurious rooms, where they had fun things set up like a golf room, an old-fashioned barber shop (for complimentary man-grooming), cigar lounge and a burlesque/dessert room. But don't you worry, Phillip kept custody of the eyes. He only had eyes for the delectable mini cupcakes anyway, as it should be.

If you follow me on T…

Valentine's Day Las Vegas

Part of what has been keeping me busy and away from all you, my dear blog BFFs, is the writing I have been doing for AOL. I forgot to post these as I went, so here are some of my City's Best Valentine's Day picks for Las Vegas.

First, the Valentine's Day gooey, smoochy, lovey-dovey stuff:

Vegas I-Do's: 5 Perfect Places to Pop the Question

Keep Love Alive: Valentine Gifts For Marrieds

Free Vegas: Date Ideas For Valentine's Day

But let us not forget about our wee ones. Many of these you have already seen me write about here on this blog, and others will be new to you. Check them out, and if you have a suggestion that tops what I have I will be very grateful to hear of new or interesting places!  

Fun For the Little Ones: Best Baby Corrals

Kid-Friendly Vegas: Stress-Free Dining For Parents

The Nothing

Remember in The Neverending Story how "The Nothing" slowly starting creeping into Narnia or wherever it was, and bit by bit this gray, whirling, windy nothingness destroyed everything in its path, almost including the Empress and her ivory tower? (BTW, wasn't the Empress so adorable with her little pearl thingy hanging on her forehead?? For years and years I wanted one of those. Maybe I still do. Just a little.)

The Nothing is consuming my blog right now. I have been busy with stuff but I cannot really think of anything particularly fun or interesting to write about. Maybe my head just isn't in the game the way it used to be. I have also gotten lazy about accepting offers from companies to promote their stuff. I want to do it, I do. But I am having a tough time sitting down and getting it done. Sorry, companies... I am working on it, hang in there!

The point is, don't give up on me, please. I am working on giving the Empress a name so that NeverLand can continue …

The Answer

Apart from being a pretty bad picture with Violet blinking at that moment, the truth is that this...

...was was nothing worse than a little watercolor paint! Take a closer look:

She strolled into the room nonchalantly like if she hadn't just painted her own face. Man it cracks me up when kids do stuff like this!

Guess what?

Here is a picture of Violet from Friday.
I will tell you tomorrow what this is all about, but first you have to guess what happened.

Good Morning, Las Vegas!

The payoff for waking up before dawn:

Good morning, Las Vegas!

The Brunette Rapunzel

I am the brunette Rapunzel of my day.

Even though in the new Disney movie she becomes brunette at the end when the magic is gone, I would like to say that my magic is still here. But its not here, the magic is really dead. My hair is ridiculously long, and I will tell you why.

It is ridiculous that when I sleep my long tresses get caught beneath my shoulders. Sometimes, if I roll around too much it wraps around my neck.

It is ridiculous that when I eat I get crumbs and even bits of food in my hair as it flows over the front of my shoulders and down to the table and practically to the floor. Like an oh-so-sexy mustache food-catcher. Almost too horrifying to even admit.

It is ridiculous that my hair is so long that when I am cooking dinner my hair sautees the veggies in one pan while my hands cook the chicken in the other pan.

It is ridiculous that I can use my hair as a nursing sling. Double ridiculousness points because I don't even have a nursling anymore.

It is ridiculous that …

New Years in Las Vegas

I am posting right now because it is clearly the "thing" to do. And you all know how appropriate I like to be. If nothing else, this and this have proven it. There are lots of other examples of how appropriate I am, but you will just have to read through this blog to see them all.

So Happy New Years! But now I am going to go out and live my life.  I will be back later this week as soon as my kids give me something insane or funny to blog about... which they usually do. Maybe I will even be inspired to do a New Years recap of 2010!

Best wishes!