Nivea for Men - Party at the Palms

So this week I was invited to a party at the Palms. Would you believe I had never set foot in the Palms, even after nearly 7 years of Las Vegas living? True story.

The party was a launch of Nivea for Men's new campaign called "Look Like You Give a Damn". Phillip came with me, since after all he is a man and can appreciate the fact that the party was more manliness-oriented. As for me, I was excited just to have a chance to dress up in something other than my usual uniform of jeans and clogs.

So the party was in the Fantasy Tower's Sky Villa, which has an awesome infinity pool. This one, in fact:

The Sky Villa is really beautiful - 2 stories of luxurious rooms, where they had fun things set up like a golf room, an old-fashioned barber shop (for complimentary man-grooming), cigar lounge and a burlesque/dessert room. But don't you worry, Phillip kept custody of the eyes. He only had eyes for the delectable mini cupcakes anyway, as it should be.

If you follow me on Twitter you saw me post that there was supposed to be a tiger there. If you do not follow me on Twitter yet, you should follow me here. As it turns out there was indeed an actual, live Bengal Tiger there! Even though he was "just" a kitten, he was pretty big. And very, very strong.

This is his trainer, the person who is supposed be controlling the "kitten".

Still, we were determined to get a picture with the tiger. So we decided to intimidate him and show him who was boss. Take that, tiger!

It totally worked, the tiger was tamed. You are welcome, trainer guy.

But then as we were about to walk away I realized we had not really pet the tiger, and when else would I ever get to touch a tiger without being eaten alive? I asked the trainer if I could pet the tiger, and he said to grab the tiger's tail. Being unsure of the proper protocol concerning wild animals, I decided I should listen to the half-gnawed trainer. I put my hand on its tail to pet it.

"No, grab his tail." he instructed me.

I grabbed it.

"Now pull it."

I pulled tentatively, thinking this was surely not a good idea.

"Harder. Yank his tail! Pull it harder!!"

I yanked the tiger's tail. Hard.

The tiger put his ears back and bared his teeth, trying to whip around and attack me. Fortunately the trainer was holding the animal's collar. I jumped back, and said, "Ok! I think we are all done here!" And I scurried away.

That was not kitten-like behavior at all, may I just say.  Still, had I known what was about to happen, I totally would have had Phillip snap a photo.  Actually, in further retrospect, Phillip should have pulled the tiger's tail, and I should have snapped the photo. That way we could have a memento of his awesome Nivea for Men-inspired manliness, in keeping with the party's Manly Man theme.

So...what do you think, do we "Look like we give a damn"?


  1. funnn! you and phil look super cute! miss ya guys!

  2. Hey i was at that party as well and i am trying to figure out how to get the pics with tiger. They were not specific on how i can get them. Thanks.

  3. Thanks Francis, we miss you too!!

    To Anonymous - email me at and I will put you in touch with their PR people.

  4. Hi! Um, so random but I am the girl from that party that took the picture of you two! I was trying a google search to figure out where in the world wide web those pictures were posted and I cam across your blog! I totally remember you because I absolutely loved your outfit :) Just thought I would say hi!

  5. Well hi!! Thanks for taking the pic!! :)

  6. Getting to be a real party girl now. Next time hit the suites when Hef is here.

  7. Wow! What an occasion - and yes, you both looked fabulous.

  8. Is that a real tiger?

  9. Oh, I'm glad that you didn't get hurt by the tiger. Why were you asked to grab its tail, anyway? It's really dangerous for you, since you don't have any experience in taking care of a pet tiger. On the other hand, I think you rocked the party. Yeah, both of you. Just ignore the tiger's behavior, though. :)

  10. Yep, real tiger!! The trainer was holding the tiger's head, fortunately for me. :)


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