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Homeschooling is Hard

I have been teaching my kids at home for over 4 years now, and there is just one thing I have to say about the whole situation. Homeschooling is hard. Well ok, maybe that's just the first thing I wanted to say. Actually, I have a lot more to say about it. The fact is, I have learned a lot in this little adventure.

Here are a few things I have learned in our personal homeschool journey.

1. Socialization is a non-issue. When I started this journey I was rather unsure if it was the right thing to do. Mainly because (everyone say it together now!) "What about socialization???"  HAHAHA! Little did I realize back then how much of a non-issue socializing a homeschooler actually is in this day and age. I didn't know that I was going to have to STOP attending social events and play dates and all kinds of outings just so I could do what I first intended - schooling at home. Because to homeschool, you do have to actually be at home. Go fig.

And on the topic of socializing homesc…

Via Brasil Las Vegas

My fam and I were invited this past weekend to try out Via Brasil's weekend brunch. Being that I am a brunch-a-holic, I had to accept immediately. And I am so very glad that I did!

Any time we go out with our four kids there is a little bit of trepidation about how they will (not) behave. This is especially heightened when we go anywhere fancier than McDonald's. Via Brasil most definitely falls into the category of "Uh oh..." So my husband expressed his concern and I reassured him by reminding him that we AND our children had been invited. So, off we went.

Right off the bat we were welcomed by a kind hostess who gave our kids each their own coloring book  - to take home! I cannot tell you how much that impressed me. If I cannot bring my kids out to eat, then I am not going to frequent that establishment except for on date nights. And those don't happen very often, so restaurants are missing out on our $$$, because we LOVE to eat out!

I can now tell you that with…