Via Brasil Las Vegas

Hey, what's this??
My fam and I were invited this past weekend to try out Via Brasil's weekend brunch. Being that I am a brunch-a-holic, I had to accept immediately. And I am so very glad that I did!

Any time we go out with our four kids there is a little bit of trepidation about how they will (not) behave. This is especially heightened when we go anywhere fancier than McDonald's. Via Brasil most definitely falls into the category of "Uh oh..." So my husband expressed his concern and I reassured him by reminding him that we AND our children had been invited. So, off we went.

Right off the bat we were welcomed by a kind hostess who gave our kids each their own coloring book  - to take home! I cannot tell you how much that impressed me. If I cannot bring my kids out to eat, then I am not going to frequent that establishment except for on date nights. And those don't happen very often, so restaurants are missing out on our $$$, because we LOVE to eat out!
I can now tell you that without a shadow of a doubt, Via Brasil is kid-friendly, whew! I think more people should know about that, though, because our kids were the only ones in there! 

Here is Rose, absorbed by her coloring book. Delish buffet directly behind her.

The food was excellent all around, and while we were up getting a selection of fresh breakfast items like bacon, eggs, breakfast potatoes, made-to-order omelets and waffles, some lovely things started appearing at our table. For example, the best Eggs Benedict I have ever had. Voila! Filet Mignon Eggs Benedict!

We also had fried bananas and salmon Eggs Benedict. We were also constantly seeing waiters with roasted meat on a spit walking by. This is the Rodizio style food, where they take the roasted meat directly off the fire and walk over to you and slice it at the table. That's what those little tongs are for - to grab the slices as they are cut from the spit.

This is what it looks like right before the waiter grabs it to take to your table
 To signal the waiters you just place the appropriate side of the card on the table.

Um, yes, I will have more meat please!

Here are a few more pictures from our day!


Made to order waffles with fresh whipped cream!

And as if we hadn't already had enough to eat, we also had some amazing creme brulee and the kids had vanilla ice cream with fudge drizzle.

Overall, I have to say, the Via Brasil made us all very happy. Oh, and as a side note - they have strawberry juice! What, strawberry juice? YES, strawberry juice. And it was amazing.  

We can't wait to go back!


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