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Uncle Sam Wants You!

I just got a summons for jury duty. "Uncle Sam Wants You!" is what they are saying. It makes me want to don a Rosie the Riveter kerchief on my head and do a salute. And listen to the Andrew Sisters Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. I love that song.

My mom always said that as a citizen it is not just a duty, but a privilege to serve on a jury. She is a naturalized citizen, and has an appreciation for these sorts of things. She said every citizen should serve at least once. And I agree.

However, I didn't always agree. I spent my 20's dodging jury duty in California. I say "dodging" because I am picturing the State of California throwing a red dodge ball at me. And of course when you are playing dodge ball the whole point of it is to not get hit. So being a rule follower, I played a spirited game of dodge ball with the State. Being a gracious winner, I am not rubbing it in their face that they lost.

I can't remember now what type of excuses they used to accept,…

What I Wore Sunday: Volume 5

Time for Fine Linen and Purple's weekly link up!

This week I decided to get a little edgy by doing something I usually wouldn't dream of: wearing a non-matching cardigan. I have seen bright pink with navy before, though I do not remember where. For all I know it was on a celebrity Worst Dressed List. So this might totally backfire. All I ask is that you please be gentle with me. This is way out of my comfort zone. And I am still pre-makeup, don't judge.
The dress was found on consignment on the cheap. It is a brand called Joanna Hope, pink cardigan is Gap, and shoes are Kenneth Cole. 

And let's see what the fam bam wore...

This jacket is favorite of mine because not only is it adorbs, it was very expensive but I chanced to find it off-season on a steep discount and I paid beans for it. Like, it was practically free.

This little chick is hard to photograph, she never stays still long enough. So this is the best I've got. Its a Cherokee brand dress, which I think …

Costco Pusher

Since our family has been growing larger I have been getting increasing pressure from family and friends to shop at Costco. Everyone wants me to go there. And they aren't shy about getting their Coscto-lovin' feelings across to me.

I literally cannot get through an entire visit with my mom without the topic of Costco coming up. Usually, she tries to get me to take a trip there with her by insisting there is something there that she really, really needs. Even though she is only in town for 48 hours.

And I always find an excuse of why I cannot possibly go, or why my pantry and toilet paper is completely stocked to capacity.

Because the truth is....

I. Hate. Costco.

There, I said it.  Before you delete my blog out of your favorites (my blog is in your favorites, isn't it??) let me tell you why I despise it so.

It is for many justifiable reasons. Such as the enormity of the place, the crowds, the hugeness of the bulk items, the crowds, the massive scale of the store, and of c…