What I Wore Sunday: Volume 5

Time for Fine Linen and Purple's weekly link up!

This week I decided to get a little edgy by doing something I usually wouldn't dream of: wearing a non-matching cardigan. I have seen bright pink with navy before, though I do not remember where. For all I know it was on a celebrity Worst Dressed List. So this might totally backfire. All I ask is that you please be gentle with me. This is way out of my comfort zone. And I am still pre-makeup, don't judge.

The dress was found on consignment on the cheap. It is a brand called Joanna Hope, pink cardigan is Gap, and shoes are Kenneth Cole. 

And let's see what the fam bam wore...

Here is the Banana Republic poster boy.
Cardigan: Target
Dress, leggings, shoes: Gymboree
Dress: Rare Editions
Shoes: Target
Jacket: Gymboree
This jacket is favorite of mine because not only is it adorbs, it was very expensive but I chanced to find it off-season on a steep discount and I paid beans for it. Like, it was practically free.

Sweet little bow on the back!

This little chick is hard to photograph, she never stays still long enough. So this is the best I've got. Its a Cherokee brand dress, which I think is Target, but I bought it at Savers for $2.99!

Be sure to check out what everyone else is wearing at Fine Linen and Purple.


  1. The pink and navy is working like gangbusters. The cut of the dress is fantastic, and I like that varied polkadot pattern. And kudos to you for posting pre-makeup! I would never have that kind of confidence. And, of course, the girls are darling. That coat was a fabulous find.

    1. haha well thanks! yeah I need to work on the makeup thing though!

  2. Very pretty, all of you, even Phillip! Andrea, you are looking fabulous!

    1. I have always thought of Phillip as very pretty ;)

  3. I love the pink/navy combo. Beautiful. And the girls outfits are to die for. that coat made me swoon. I love it!

    1. That coat STILL makes me swoon a little even after 2 years! :)

  4. Polka Dots, pink/navy/white.....perfection! You look fantastic! As does your beautiful family!


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