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I am breaking up with you, Hallmark

There is something about old fashioned pen and paper that I just plain love. I love the feeling of laying out a fresh sheet of quality stationary and a good pen, ready to drink some hot tea as I splash some sentimental feelings across the page to a faraway friend. I imagine classical music playing in the background, and I most definitely include raindrops splattering against the window in this mental picture.

And then I remember that I live in Las Vegas, and raindrops only splash against the window pane during monsoon season, and actually its less of a delicate splash and more of a torrential, frightening flash flood-type rain that pounds against the windows.

My point is that I was looking through this website called Minted, and I was dreaming of beautiful stationary. And boy, did I find it. Like this adorable personalized note card.

And something I had not seen before  - this incredibly sweet children's stationary!

 Once I started going down the rabbit hole of awesomeness, I cou…