I am breaking up with you, Hallmark

There is something about old fashioned pen and paper that I just plain love. I love the feeling of laying out a fresh sheet of quality stationary and a good pen, ready to drink some hot tea as I splash some sentimental feelings across the page to a faraway friend. I imagine classical music playing in the background, and I most definitely include raindrops splattering against the window in this mental picture.

And then I remember that I live in Las Vegas, and raindrops only splash against the window pane during monsoon season, and actually its less of a delicate splash and more of a torrential, frightening flash flood-type rain that pounds against the windows.

My point is that I was looking through this website called Minted, and I was dreaming of beautiful stationary. And boy, did I find it. Like this adorable personalized note card.

And something I had not seen before  - this incredibly sweet children's stationary!

Personalized children's stationary

 Once I started going down the rabbit hole of awesomeness, I could not stop!!!

And the funny thing is that as I continued to explore, I discovered something really interesting. Minted has a lot more than just lovely rainy day stationary with whimsical designs. They are an entire marketplace of artistic expression. Apparently, they run design competitions for independent artists and the winner gets their design or art piece sold on their website. I can totally get on board with supporting independent artists. I found this art piece called Arise, by an artist named Kelly Johnson. I don't know what it is about this painting, but I can't stop staring at it. You can see the rest of their art collection here.

And then I found all these customizable art pieces in the shape of the different states. I am already thinking about getting one of these for a friend who is moving out of town.

Nevada Love

And thennnnn, as if it weren't enough that they support independent artists, check this out.... they also donate money from their sales to a charity called Every Mother Counts, which helps proved maternal care to pregnant mothers who do not have access to medical care. As a mother of 4, I know first hand how important it is to have good prenatal and obstetrics care. This particular detail just made me go all soft on Minted.

Hallmark, I am so sorry, but.... I have to break up with you... I met someone else.


  1. Aww! Those are such pretty stationary! Aww! Those are such pretty stationary!

    I absolutely love the last part! (Cha-ching!) Here is another great vintage like art supplier who's Catholic on Etsy.

    I just love her artwork especially of the Saints and Anne of Green Gabels. ;)
    God bless,

  2. Thank you for the recommendation! I spent about an hour looking through all the stationary and digging deeper into a few of the artists. Will definitely be purchasing items


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