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What I Wore Sunday: Volume 2

Welcome to Volume 2 of What I Wore Sunday, or as I'd like to call it here, "What the Whole Family Wore Sunday." Although I somehow managed to get all the children in rose or rose-toned outifts, it was purely accidental. Had we thought of it ahead of time, we would have all worn rose in honor of Gaudete Sunday. But alas, Phillip and I are uncoordinated louts.

I wore a purple cowl-neck knit top with poofy sleeves (is there a technical term for that?) from the Sears outlet in LA and a grey Maurice's skirt with a jagged hem. And my Fergalicious ballet flats (still no close-up, apparently), which will make frequent appearance on Sundays as well as every other day of the week. I always feel that I am strangely Sergeant Pepper-esque in this top, even though that does not come across in the picture.

Also, this photo was taken pre-make up, don't judge.

Next is Phillip in a mint green fitted dress shirt and a tie from Banana Republic and brown slacks from Express.
Yes, he …

What I Wore Sunday: Volume 1

This is my first time linking up to the Fine Linen and Purple "What I Wore Sunday" dealio, though I have been wanting to participate since I found out about it a few weeks ago.

So even though I am not exactly a paragon of fashion, I do enjoy dressing up on Sundays and putting effort into looking good for the Lord. However, this might have to be more of a "What my whole family wore on Sunday" because my daughters are my little dress up dolls and my husband cuts a fine figure in his Sunday best.

Although, wait... a reconsideration.... there may be too much wrangling involved in taking pictures of the girls because they are squirmy and move a lot.

And it may be especially hard to get a picture of Phillip since he pulls a Sasquatch whenever he sees the camera come out.

So, let's make the pics of everyone else conditional. Ok enough writing brain vomit that makes no sense and no one cares about. And now I give you, What I Wore Sunday:

The sweater is a cowl-neck bla…