What I Wore Sunday: Volume 2

Welcome to Volume 2 of What I Wore Sunday, or as I'd like to call it here, "What the Whole Family Wore Sunday." Although I somehow managed to get all the children in rose or rose-toned outifts, it was purely accidental. Had we thought of it ahead of time, we would have all worn rose in honor of Gaudete Sunday. But alas, Phillip and I are uncoordinated louts.

I wore a purple cowl-neck knit top with poofy sleeves (is there a technical term for that?) from the Sears outlet in LA and a grey Maurice's skirt with a jagged hem. And my Fergalicious ballet flats (still no close-up, apparently), which will make frequent appearance on Sundays as well as every other day of the week. I always feel that I am strangely Sergeant Pepper-esque in this top, even though that does not come across in the picture.

Also, this photo was taken pre-make up, don't judge.

Next is Phillip in a mint green fitted dress shirt and a tie from Banana Republic and brown slacks from Express.

Yes, he is doing the robot. First, because he is uncomfortable with cameras, and secondly because he is a child of the 80's. And thirdly, because come on - the robot is just plain awesome.

Ok, for serious now:

I know, he is super debonaire. But wait until you see his overcoat....

You just swooned a little, didn't you. This brown overcoat is also Banana Republic, and I love it when it's cold enough for him to wear it. 

Now, on to the children. Ivy is wearing a smocked lavenderish (rose??) dress with a white peter pan collar from  Maggie & Zoe (bought on consignment from As They Grow, $7), a white cardigan from Target, and George brand peep-toe mules (As They Grow, $5).

Violet is wearing a rose Wonder Kids satin smocked dress. 

Her adorable overcoat is duster-length black with fur collar and cuffs from Gymboree (As They Grow, can't remember price but probably under $10). Shoes are pearlized brown pseudo patent leather from Target. I want to find a nice winter coat like this for Ivy and Rose as well but not only are they difficult to find, they are probably very expensive if you don't find them on consignment.

Rose is wearing a pink dress with brown polka dots from Carter's. It used to be Ivy's, so I am pretty happy that it has held up so well and it is still going strong on my third child! And, no shoes... because she takes them off so I don't put them on her until the last minute.

The end!


  1. Awww the kids are so cute! And so festive! I love your shirt! And your husband looks great too! Thanks for joining us!

  2. So cute! Love that you included the whole fam. I really like your purple top, and you cannot go wrong with cute black flats!

  3. Awww the kids look so pretty and cute. Thank for posting


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