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Clothing Swap at Henderson Library

There is a neat little clothing swap event coming up in August at the Henderson library! This is a great way to save on back to school clothing.

Here are the details:

Swap, Don’t Shop! Drop off a bag (or bags)! of children’s clothing at the Henderson District Pubic Libraries Paseo Verde Branch Reference Desk between Tuesday 8/5 and Friday 8/8. Receive a ticket for every bag you drop off. Return on Saturday 8/9 between 10am-noon and pick out a bag of “new to you” back-to-school clothes!  Paseo Verde Library 280 South Green Valley Parkway Henderson, NV 89012

Guidelines: Children’s clothing from newborn through youth size 20 (no teen or adult sizes) All seasons welcome Only gently worn and clean clothing, free of rips and stains. No undergarments or socks, toys or baby equipment. You get to take a bag for every bag you bring in prior to the event (there is no limit) All swaps are final! Any remaining items will be donated to HopeLink of Southern Nevada Questions?  Please contact…

That's not How This Works

Have you ever noticed that kids can be a complete jerk to you and then expect you to be nice to them? Of course, they do not realize they are being a jerk, and as their mother you are expected to be nice to them no matter what. Maybe it's the sleep deprivation talking, or maybe I am just an awful human being. But when they are mean to me, I do not want to be nice to them. I want them to suffer as they have made me suffer.

The other day my husband had to go on a trip out of town for work. Since the girls are all daddy's girls and they fall apart emotionally if he is gone for longer than the usual 8 hours (and they don't even like him leaving for that long), we planned some fun activities to take their mind off daddy not being home.

We planned swimming, and ice cream, and painting toenails, and even going to our favorite local confectionery store, Sweet Ruby Jane's to pick up a box of chocolates for the King of the House. The morning had gone fine, and then it was nap t…

Sofia the First Review

Any mother knows that she needs a magic bullet in her mommy toolbox for when the kids are driving her crazy and she is dying of sleepiness. Sometimes, just sometimes, that magic bullet is in the form of TV. Since we are one of "those" people who do not own a TV, we turn to DVDs for our television entertainment.

Recently, we received a magic bullet in the mail from a very kind Disney PR rep for us to review. Since I am 3 months into the trenches of rearing a newborn, I jumped at the opportunity for a new magic bullet to add to my magic bullet squirt gun. In this analogy my magic bullets get shot from a squirt gun because real guns are scary. Plus, I have kids in the house, what kind of irresponsible parent would I be if I had real guns around the children?? You can picture my magic bullets popping out of the squirt gun in the shape of soap bubbles. Because that is what they look like. All mothers'
 magic bullets look different. They are like patronuses.

The DVD, a.k.a. ma…

The Laws of the Universe

Today I was invited to attend a free children's gardening event that is happening this Saturday, July 19th from 10am to 2pm at Plant World Nursery at 5311 W. Charleston Blvd. Its an event for kids ages 3-12, and apparently there is also going to be free ice cream. I should tell you that there is an animal sanctuary with exotic birds, tortoises, birds and turtles, which my kids will be totally fascinated with.

So I am pretty sure we are going. In fact, I think the laws of the universe absolutely demand that we attend. You see, the PR person for Plant World Nursery is a person by the name of Daffodil Flores. I am not sure if you are aware, but the name Flores means "flowers" in Spanish. She is the PR person for a plant nursery. I think that is so ironic that I cannot even wrap my brain around it. And hello! My children's names are Ivy, Violet and Rose. How could we not go??? I secretly hope to get a picture of Daffodil with Ivy, Violet and Rose. It would just tickle me…

Traveling by Stage Coach

We went to Cedar City, Utah this weekend to attend You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown at the Neil Simon Festival. It was a lot of fun, and the production was excellent. Lots of talented actors. We laughed a lot, and the girls loved it.

One of the other things we did was to go to the Frontier Heritage Museum, which was about life on the frontier, natch. A couple of things there made me laugh.

But first, a picture of the girls in a Wells Fargo coach. Fun!

And now the funny stuff - from a display that taught about loading a wagon with supplies for the trip out West, was this little quiz.

 Depending on how you answered you got to see what consequences the decision you made would have.

See that, children? Lose your leg to a snake bite. And the other answers weren't much cheerier. Did you bring a tent on the trail? If you didn't and your wife had a baby, the baby would die from the cold. If you didn't bring a chest of linens to trade with the Indians for warm blankets, your re…

How to Breastfeed Appropriately

A friend of mine recently sent me an article about how to breastfeed appropriately. It was so dang funny that I had to read it aloud to my husband. And in fact, I am still quoting lines from it. My favorite so far is, "Has your cheap baby paid you? No? Then wrap it up!"

It's long, but soooo worth the read!!


How to Breastfeed Appropriately