Sofia the First Review

Any mother knows that she needs a magic bullet in her mommy toolbox for when the kids are driving her crazy and she is dying of sleepiness. Sometimes, just sometimes, that magic bullet is in the form of TV. Since we are one of "those" people who do not own a TV, we turn to DVDs for our television entertainment.

Recently, we received a magic bullet in the mail from a very kind Disney PR rep for us to review. Since I am 3 months into the trenches of rearing a newborn, I jumped at the opportunity for a new magic bullet to add to my magic bullet squirt gun. In this analogy my magic bullets get shot from a squirt gun because real guns are scary. Plus, I have kids in the house, what kind of irresponsible parent would I be if I had real guns around the children?? You can picture my magic bullets popping out of the squirt gun in the shape of soap bubbles. Because that is what they look like. All mothers'
 magic bullets look different. They are like patronuses.

The DVD, a.k.a. magic bullet,  is called Sophia the First: The Enchanted Feast. This DVD will be available for sale on August 5th. There are 5 episodes in it and it came with a "magic mirror" in the DVD case, which the girls fought over. There should be an option to order a DVD that comes with a set number of magic mirrors. I would have ordered the one with 3 mirrors.

The girls were excited when it came in the mail and they hopped up and down, begging, "Please, please can we watch it???" Of course, like any good mother I made them jump through a few hoops before I gave in. They had to pick up their toys, bark like a seal, and also say, "We love you, Miss Hannigan!"

Like most Disney movies, the episodes are entertaining enough for even an adult to watch, and the animation is pleasantly bright and interesting. The little girl in me loves the gowns that the girls wear. The episodes all have a certain moral lesson to be learned, so I really liked that the girls would be getting that positive reinforcement. I thought it was really interesting that Snow White makes a magical appearance to help Sophia deal with a hard situation.

Side note: the butler looks and sounds remarkably like Tim Gunn... so I looked it up, is indeed Tim Gunn! Wayne Brady also does the voice of Clover the rabbit, which I thought was neat. Good stuff! All in all, I was very happy with the quality of the episodes, and I absolutely recommend this DVD as a gift for the little girls in your life.

So lock and load those magic bubble bullets, my fellow moms! And once you have tamed the little beasts, do what I do: take a nap!


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