Traveling by Stage Coach

We went to Cedar City, Utah this weekend to attend You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown at the Neil Simon Festival. It was a lot of fun, and the production was excellent. Lots of talented actors. We laughed a lot, and the girls loved it.

One of the other things we did was to go to the Frontier Heritage Museum, which was about life on the frontier, natch. A couple of things there made me laugh.

But first, a picture of the girls in a Wells Fargo coach. Fun!

And now the funny stuff - from a display that taught about loading a wagon with supplies for the trip out West, was this little quiz.

 Depending on how you answered you got to see what consequences the decision you made would have.

See that, children? Lose your leg to a snake bite. And the other answers weren't much cheerier. Did you bring a tent on the trail? If you didn't and your wife had a baby, the baby would die from the cold. If you didn't bring a chest of linens to trade with the Indians for warm blankets, your remaining kids would die. Super.

But my favorite part was a wall-sized ad for the stage coach. Check out the speed on these bad boys!

On the ad were also these Rules of the Road for stage coach passengers.

So to recap:
~Awesome and entertaining play
~Stagecoaches going at a blistering pace
~And brilliant Rules of the Road for coach travel

Remind me to go to Utah more often!


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