The Laws of the Universe

Today I was invited to attend a free children's gardening event that is happening this Saturday, July 19th from 10am to 2pm at Plant World Nursery at 5311 W. Charleston Blvd. Its an event for kids ages 3-12, and apparently there is also going to be free ice cream. I should tell you that there is an animal sanctuary with exotic birds, tortoises, birds and turtles, which my kids will be totally fascinated with.

So I am pretty sure we are going. In fact, I think the laws of the universe absolutely demand that we attend. You see, the PR person for Plant World Nursery is a person by the name of Daffodil Flores. I am not sure if you are aware, but the name Flores means "flowers" in Spanish. She is the PR person for a plant nursery. I think that is so ironic that I cannot even wrap my brain around it. And hello! My children's names are Ivy, Violet and Rose. How could we not go??? I secretly hope to get a picture of Daffodil with Ivy, Violet and Rose. It would just tickle me pink.

If you are free on Saturday, I will see you there!


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