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Echappes Belles - Las Vegas

Back in November of last year (seems like 5 seconds ago), I posted about the French television show Echappes Belles following us around for a day.

Well, it came out shortly after, around December, but here we are months later and I still haven't posted it! Sorry about that. Anyway, the part that we were in is around minute 56. Here you go: Echappes Belles

Unless you speak French you will have to just try and listen in to our voices in the background under the French dubbing. It was good times, very interesting to participate in.

And now, that done, I would like to inform the world at large that my blog is on hiatus. Rose is 19 months and getting more and more demanding every day. Between her and my middle child, and homeschooling my eldest, my hands are full. Its too hard to try and blog regularly so for now I will just say: peace out!