Fare Thee Well, Muppet Week! 'Tis a bittersweet goodbye...

Today officially ends Muppet Week! Are you so, so sad? I want you to know its ok to cry.

Your final muppet update is as follows:
  • She no longer nurses at night or to fall asleep for naps
  • She nurses once in the morning and once more during the day (this is more for biological purposes as my supply has not totally dwindled yet)
  • She still pinches my muppets for comfort though
  • I give it another week until the last vestiges of nursing disappear, but I didn't think anyone would appreciate a 2-week long Muppet Week.
With that said, here is a special fare thee well which I thought would be most appropriate. Had I had the foresight, I could have asked Phillip to superimpose Violet's face upon each of the characters in the video.

So instead I am asking you to take the leap with me, and imagine Violet saying goodbye to my muppets every time a Muppet says goodbye to another Muppet in this video. If you aren't weeping by the end of the video then you have no heart.

And speaking of having no heart, here is one more thing I will not miss about nursing:

 Jacked up sleeping positions.

 Now I can drink all the coffee and alcohol I want! Who is up for slamming Irish Coffees with me??


  1. Slamming Irish Coffee!? I think that sounds scary... I'll certainly watch it though!


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