My Muppets

Are you a nursing, babywearing, midwife-consulting mama? Yeah, me too. We seem to be plentiful in Las Vegas these days.

I love nursing my 1-year old, Violet. The emotional connection that stems from this just cannot be beat. But at the moment, its getting really, really old. Ever since she got sick around Christmas time she has stepped it up and went from nursing once a day to nursing every hour or two during the day and 2-3 times at night. She is nursing right now.

And my muppets* hurt. I am starting to wish she would wean already.

*My 3-year old, Ivy, confuses the word for muppets with nipples. I will henceforth refer to my nipples as muppets. I encourage you to do the same for yours, it adds a certain je ne se quoi when you are discussing nursing.


  1. I loved nursing my children. It was the best bonding experience ever. sadly though the time does come when it does feel like its time to wean them off and regain possession of your body! Breastfeeding is not easy and I applaud any mom who breastfeeds!


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