Let's Paint Delicate Breakables!


+ this:
= Potential disaster.

Nonetheless, The Artful Potter on Eastern and Pebble is a unique and entertaining activity with two possible restrictions:

1) The ceramics are pricey considering they are blank and unfinished pieces that will soon have baby scribbles on them
2) Doing this with an Octotoddler in tow may cost you even more money

On the (very) positive side was the friendly and helpful manager (one Elizabeth), who not only happily welcomed 2 small kids and a dog prepared to wreak havoc, but who also wrote on our bowls in an adorable curl script. She just made the whole experience so much easier than it otherwise would have been. When Violet hit critical mass at nap time she even offered a little lollipop to soothe the savage beast.

I highly recommend the Artful Potter, though I suggest it for kids 5 and up. Sure, 3 year olds can do it. But for a $16 mug plus $5 to paint, it better turn out to be a Picasso. What I'm saying is I expect my children to crank out masterpieces by the age of 5. If an elephant can do it, so can they. It's time to earn your keep, girls.


  1. Oh, my gosh - yes, this reminds me of the time our Moms' Group went to a similar place and guess whose kid broke the first piece?

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