The Tea Gets Rocked (like a Rock Star, not like a Lullabye)

Let's talk about tea, and how you can rock it. I know tea evokes images of dainty sandwiches and British accents. But all that is changing, altered irrevocably by the influence of Las Vegas showmanship.

I am talking about Rock the Tea, a place for girlie girls that combines dress up with tea time. For parties, your daughter can dress up as either a storybook princess or a pop princess. Either way, its princesses. And tea. Did I mention tea? And by tea I mean pink lemonade served in little tea sets.

On Mondays at noon they have story time with milk and cookies for $5, which is cute because the milk is also served in tiny tea cups. Must find out if actual tea is ever served. Around 2 or 3pm they have dress up time, though I didn't take my girls to that yet so I don't know how much it costs or what is included. I am so full of details its overwhelming.

Sadly I don't have any boyish/gender neutral activity reviews yet, but I did suggest to the Rock the Tea lady that she should open a shop for boys called Rock the Beef Jerky. They can dress up in camo, run around in mazes, climb a rock wall and play war games. She didn't seem that jazzed about my idea for some reason. Inexplicable.


  1. Is this that place we went to that day we had breakfast? Speak of ambiguity lol....

    Also I found this pottery place that has a girls night out looks pretty neat, we should check it out!

    Oh yes, and this said pottery place also has story time and then you paint a piece that relates to the story.


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