Krispy Kreme - You Know They are Serious When They Spell Things with a "K"

Before you read this, be forewarned that Krispy Kreme is a vipers' nest of donuts. These evil confections will straight up lash out and bite you on the love handle. And it hurts so good.

In order to lure you into their den of sweet horrors, the Krispy Kreme on Eastern and Silverado Ranch first sucks in your poor, innocent children with tiny table and chairs, a full toy box, a chalkboard, and then finishes them off with a donut with sprinkles of death. All while you distractedly sip your coffee and chat it up with the other moms. Bad mommy!

Kids' donut-gazing area

An evil den of delicious crack-bearing donuts - check!
Toys and play area for kids - check!
Comfy mommy area- check!
Rodent of Unusual Size? - check!

Someone please call the Health Department.


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