Pizza Shark

We went to dinner tonight at Settebello, the most delicious and unbelievably authentic Italian pizza in Las Vegas. I went to Italy just last year so I promise the comparison is fresh in my memory.

I'm uncontrollable at Settebello. I go Great White on that pizza.

Usually I can't remember anything afterward except how amazing it was. I like to dip the crust in their ridiculously flavorful olive oil. Actually, I want to drink the olive oil, but dipping is more socially acceptable. I hold back for my family's sake.

Luckily for you, my dear Las Vegas mamas, it counts as majorly child-friendly when the hostess and several waiters listen to your child talk a never-ending stream of nonsense with smiles and interested responses. Tonight also happened to be my very first child-related broken dish in a respectable establishment. Opa!! Here's to many more to come!


  1. Yum! makes me wanna drive to Settebello right now. Must go next time I visit Vegas. My embarrassing restaurant moment with the kids was when my 2 year old yanked the table linen off the table with everything on it!!


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