Great Buns, Toots.

Who doesn't love a logo with a giant butt? I know I do. Giant butts rock. I should know, I have one. It has served me well over the years.

The point is I went to Great Buns Bakery this morning. Its a commercial bakery with a storefront that anyone can walk into. If you have kids old enough to notice stuff that exists beyond the sippy cup in their hand, it's also fun to point out the behind the scenes baking, which is clearly visible between the displays.

One of the great things about Great Buns (besides melt-in-you-mouth super fresh pastries) is how inexpensive it is - I bought a huge loaf of bread that is at least twice the size of grocery store loaves and 5 pastries for $4.50 . Uh oh... I get it now... pastries... oversized nalgas*...They are marketing geniuses!

I can totally eat this on Weight Watchers, get off my back!

*Nalgas is Spanish for butt cheeks. It's your word of the day. Stick with me and you will learn more than just "Como esta".


  1. Hm... Interesting. Blogger slightly irritable. Gets on the defensive easily. Mainly about the consumption of pastries. Even though there is no one questioning her at the moment. Interesting.... haha Besitos! Nati


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