Tortilla Flambe

As I tried to save my pot of Fideo Soup from boiling over I forgot about the tortillas and they went up in flames.

In case you are not aware, Fideo Soup is a staple of old Mexican grandmothers. Quesadillas are staples of pretty much everyone. That brings me to reflect upon the dichotomy of my Hispanic-American culture. I was cooking Fideo Soup so we could eat dinner at 5pm*.

In case you are wondering, my Fideo Soup tastes like it was made by this lady:

I should tell you there is a positive correlation between the number of wrinkles on her face and the deliciousness of her soup.

* Many Latino families don't eat until 7pm or later. In my family it was more like 9pm.


  1. Perhaps we need more info about the ingredients of this soup!


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