Muppet Week Goes Verbal

The first phrase I have ever heard Violet put together happened last night. There were 2 phrases, actually. Both muppet-related, natch. Granted, Phillip heard her say "I want mom" last week, but this was the first time for me. She said:

1) "I want chi chi" *


2) "Mรกs chi chi" 

I may be in trouble here.

Just for fun, check out celebrity-muppet look alikes here. I mean real muppets, not my little euphemism. That would be weird.

* Spanish slang for muppets. Pronounced "chee chee". This is your word of the day.


  1. Thanks for increasing my vocab. I need a word of the day. Not sure how I'll use that one in a sentence anytime soon, but I'll try to work it in. Love that she's using sentences!!!

  2. That would be weird. Especially if there was already a website dedicated to it. And you (or Phillip) weren't the creators.


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