Here's My Lighter, You Can Use it to Burn That $10 Bill in Your Pocket

Who wants to pay good money for practically nothing? Ooo, ooo, I do! I do! Pick me! Pick me!

I took Ivy to Pattycakes today for what was supposed to be a full hour of craft, tea, and decorating her own cupcake. I paid $10.

Half an hour later, we walked out with a little balsa wood key chain (50 cents at Michael's) that Ivy scribbled on with markers. I thought there was supposed to be a story (I could be wrong here) but that never happened (I over heard the clerk say they were supposed to watch a video for the second half hour, but their TV was broken). They could have used a story, it would cost them nothing if they checked it out of the library.

The tea was just lemonade (just because you serve it in teacups does not make it "tea", people!!) The cupcake was about the size of a golf ball that had clearly been on that crazy lemon water and cayenne pepper diet. And "decorating" it meant someone else piped on a small dollop of frosting and the kids sprinkled on one spoonful of pink sprinkles. Good times.

So what was I really paying for? Apparently, for teacups hanging from the wall, Restoration Hardware lotion in the bathroom, and cute displays:

Tell me that is not the saddest excuse for a decorated cupcake you ever did see:

 But look! Her paper plate has hearts on it! And look at that cute chair she is sitting in! If only she could appreciate those things. Alas, she is three. All she knows is that she didn't really decorate her tiny cupcake, which she will finish in 2 small bites.

 "Is that it?"

In conclusion, I could have done far more at home for that amount of money, and invited all of Ivy's friends. My recommendation is don't waste your money on this pointless exercise.


  1. Isn't this the place by where we had breakfast that day? That is sad it isn't more fun. Bummer. on one of our Saturday brunches, we could have a real tea party in my back yard instead :)

  2. Aw, sheesh. Glad you're testing these places out for me. I don't have the energy anyway... so if you give a place a bad review, I just think: "Whew! Don't have to go there!" Sad, huh?
    On the other hand, the places you review favorably are on my to-do list. For example, the Springs Preserve play area thingy.


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