Chupacabras at Sunset Park

I have been avoiding Sunset Park (at Sunset and Eastern) because the name makes me think of a depressed park with a postage sized patch of dry grass where the asphalt in the basketball court is cracked and faded on a hot, smoggy day in L.A. Yeah, it evokes all that for me.

But I went today with the girls, and it wasn't too shabby. They had unique features such as a swaying platform and a slide made out of rollers, amongst other things.

What the - ??

We didn't stay long because I find parks tremendously boring. So just the fact that I take them to the park at all should win me a Mother of the Year award. I am selfless when it comes to my girls.

They also have these great multi-color rollers set into the sides of the play structure, which are used for public spelling lessons.

Oh, and while we are on the topic, we tried to take a walk through the large expanse of grass only to find these little animal "landmines" all over the place. The odd thing was that they were all perfectly uniform in size! And they were to be found every couple of steps. I am thinking Chupacabra, who's with me?

UPDATE: Apparently aerating a lawn creates this lovely effect. Apparently I have never had to aerate a lawn, nor have I ever known anyone who takes such good care of their lawn. Because I had never seen this before. I am disappointed its not a Chupacabra.


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