The Life and Times of a Boogie

Ivy: Look, Mom! (taking a dry boogie out of her nose) It looks like an asparagus!
Me: Here, put that on this napkin.
Ivy: No, that's ok. (carefully places boogie back in her nostril)
Me: What are you doing?
Ivy (shrugs): I'm just putting my moco* back.
Me: Why?
Ivy: It's a baby moco. It's crying, it wants its mommy.

The shriveled up baby moco falls back out of her nose.

Me: What happened?
Ivy: The mommy moco pushed it out.
Me: Why?
Ivy: She thought it was a monster

Ivy tries to put it back in but it keeps falling out. She accidentally drops the moco.

Ivy: Uh-oh! I just lost it.
Me: Where did it go?
Ivy: It died. It's in Heaven now. I'm sorry.

* Moco means boogie in Spanish. Pronounced "moh-koh". This is your word for the day.


  1. She is one quirky little girl! :D I love it!


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