R.I.P. Food Remnants

Rest in Peace, all ye remnants of toddler meal time. Here are your names and your gruesome fates:

Unfinished Milk.... that has so much backwash you cannot save it for later
Pieces of Banana...held, dropped, and picked up again until it's brown and slimy
Handfuls of Cereal... tossed on the floor and stepped on until they are powder
Spoonfuls of Rice... stuck to the bib and every baby body part including the soles of her feet but excluding her mouth
Cups of Juice...willfully hurled to the floor, creating a Sticky Splash Zone that will attract dirt for days even though I cleaned it

Alas, I could have fed a small country will all the food whose existence came to an end in my kitchen this week.


  1. Sounds exactly like my house! The worst is the banana that somehow got stuck on her butt and I didn't notice it until I pick her up and stick my hand in it :-P Yuck!!


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