Baby Corral!!

I have finally discovered Discovery Park.

Comparatively speaking, it is absolutely idyllic - there is a lot more vegetation than at many other parks. The area for the younger kids is not very big, but you get the sense that no one is going to steal your stuff if you walk away and leave your diaper bag on the other side of the area.

There is a shaded picnic table in the middle of it all, not that it is really necessary because there is so much lush grass available that you can bring a blanket and spread out under the shade for a leisurely lunch.

But the hands down best part is that you can easily keep your little escape artist in check -  the entire small kid area is enclosed by hedges and a gate! In parent-speak, this park is PERFECTION.

There is a smaller area for the really tiny ones

Nemo makes an appearance

Side Note: Outside of the baby corral there is a larger traditional jungle gym for older kids, and lots of grass to kick a ball around.


  1. I like it!
    Where is it? Are you going to make me find out myself?

  2. Click on the name "Discovery Park" above and it will take you to the map. Its at Paseo Verde and Palomino Drive.

  3. Oh, brother! You had a link and everything and I didn't even notice!

    I would ask what you were doing up at midnight - but I was, too...

  4. Thanks for the post. We just moved here. While my boys are only 7 months old, we are looking for fenced parks as they will be mobile quickly and I know they will go in separate directions.

  5. I've never heard of this park. Thanks for the heads up.

    Red Ridge Family Park (next to Tanka Elementary) on Arby and Quarterhourse(near Warm Springs and Durango)also has a gated toddler area. There's also a gated playground for the older kids and picnic tables between the two. When the weather is warm there's also a decent sized water feature and lots of grass to run on.

    Also, at Desert Springs Park there's a gated playground when you turn onto Twain from Durango. =)


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