Tivoli Village

Seeing as how I am a major slacker these days about posting, I am going to give you a special treat. A double treat. Not only do you actually get to read something on this blog, you are also going to get to meet my new Las Vegas blogger friend Vanessa from De Su Mama, who wrote this guest post.  And you get a review for somewhere new, which I have not done in forever. And that is not even hyperbole, it really has been forever. Like, literally. And if you don't beleive in forever just try and remember how it used to take for the bell to ring and let you out of your high school geometry class. Am I right? It was forever.

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Tivoli Village

For the last few years, as you drive down Fort Apache where it turns into Rampart, you would see a large stretch of land slowly being developed into what appeared to be an exquisite Italian resort. It took some years, but Tivoli Village is finally open to our community!

Slow development is nothing new for Las Vegas. My Step Mom used to joke that the State bird was the crane {as in construction crane} because of how often one could be seen in the horizon. But since the real estate bubble popped all over us, the unofficial State bird has gone extinct. Now deserted wastelands of semi-built carcases are found all over the valley. It's kind of sad, really.

Luckily for us, especially those of us on the West side of the Valley, Tivoli made it through to see a grand opening. The West side really needed something like this, and although the development is not 100% open, it is still a welcome source of entertainment for us. My Husband actually attended the grand opening for work. The Mayor and media were there, and my Husband just couldn't stop raving about how beautifully made and designed the property was.

 Tivoli is anchored by the intersection of two pedestrian-only cobblestone streets, which are lined with up-scale, chic vendors {or will be soon; they aren't 100% open as of this posting}. At the corners sit two restaurants with outdoor, cafe-like seating; the kind you find in Europe. On the particular evening we visited, there was a band set up in the center of the intersection. They also had street performers walking around that really elevated the experience to different heights. Diners can sit outside and listen to music, while other visitors stop to watch for a bit before continuing their stroll. Or, you can just get out there and dance like our little music lover did! I really felt as though I was in a European town, enjoying a summer festival.  

 Tivoli's calendar is packed with family friendly events that I look forward to attending, such as weekly Saturday morning farmer's markets by fresh52, pet adoption events, outdoor concerts featuring local talent and so much more! In addition to checking out their website, I highly recommend you "like" their Facebook page. Every week they post their weekend's scheduled of events. I find this extremely helpful in planning out our weekend.

Las Vegas is known for the glitz and glam of the Strip, and indeed it is the center of this city. But for those of us that call this place home, developments like Tivoli, which are free of the constant noise of gambling machines and bright lights, is a wonderful alternative. 
Tivoli is my family's new Las Vegas hang out! We love it! For so many reasons. If you live in Vegas, or are visiting and want to see our latest and greatest, check out Queensridge's new development situated about 11 miles West of the Strip, near the master planned community of Summerlin. You will likely see this little Daddy's girl walking around... 

Vanessa is Cuban American, married to her handsome African American husband, and mother to their beautiful daughter, Alina. Vanessa explores issues of personal identity, the complexities of raising a bicultural/biracial child and the impact it has on her womanhood. Vanessa is passionate about photography and capturing Alina's every move. Vanessa blogs at www.desumama.com. Of living in Las Vegas, she says, "I love living in Vegas because of the diverse people you come across in your everyday life. Vegas attracts people from all over the country! From conservative to liberal, black, white and every shade in between, Vegas has it all!"


  1. Thanks so much for the love and opportunity, LV Mama! My post is up :)

  2. Great guest post! I had never heard of Tivoli and now I can't imagine visiting and not going there, I will definitely visit there next time I'm in Vegas!! which is in like five seconds! YAY! ... Andrea, are you making a list of all the places I MUST visit?!?!?! ;)


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