Where Have All the Muppets Gone?

Hey, remember when I used actually go places? And review them? Remember when I would totally write about fun places for moms and babies to go in this town instead of relying on my other blogger friends like De Su Mama to review places for me? Do you remember my Muppet Rating System?  If you don't remember, here it is again.

I was visiting another Vegas mom blog with a name very similar to mine and she sure has it together, with a little calendar of local events and everything. I'm not going to tell you what that blog is though, because I am jealous and I think if I tell you then you will leave me for another blogger. Especially one who updates her calendar regularly. There is only room for ONE fabulous "Las Vegas Mama" in this town, thanks.

So here you are, and here you will stay. You and I will be happy here...together...forever. But not in a creepy way where after you die I keep your body dressed in your wedding outfit and prop you up on the couch and pretend to have tea with you. It will be more in the way that you stop following all other blogs and you only read this one. And you check daily, sometimes hourly, to see if I have updated it. Maybe you click the refresh button obsessively a few times. And you always comment because you know I live for your comments.

The truth is that I actually have two places I want to review (where I've already visited), I just haven't bothered to write it up. Of course, in reality I am pretty sure every mom in town already knows about these places and has been there numerous times. This is yet another sign that I am losing my edge. It just goes to show how far I have fallen. I also have two more places/events that I am going to attend in the next two weeks. If you are patient with me, I promise I will get them up so that you can read about something other than my pickled baby.


  1. blogging is just too much work. (so is writing a book, i'm totally not doing that- no one sent me any chapters). i really believe that laying on the couch all day eating junk food is the only logical thing to do in life.

  2. Ah you are so right NBM!!! Its getting harder and harder to keep this thing up! Plus I love junk food. And couches.

  3. ARGH! I can't get "where have all the cowboys gone" out of my head now! THANKS!!! :p

  4. Even though I live in Virginia, I really like your blog. You are hilarious! Keep it going.

  5. Thanks Party of Five! Its nice to know the corpse reference didn't scare you away. :)


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