Conversations with a 4 Year Old

Ivy: How old awe you, Mom?
Me: 34.
Ivy: Soon yo' going to die.
Me: What?!?
Ivy (matter-of-factly): Soon yo' going to die, I guess.
Me: No, I'm not! Why??
Ivy: Because yo' 34. That's old.
Me: Um, its not that old. Abuelita didn't die til she was 100. 
Ivy: Dad is old too. He's 35. He's an old man.
Me: Yeah, well, we aren't going to die yet.



  1. Sounds similar to a conversation I had with Cristabel. She said to me "I love you so much that I wish that you could be in Heaven with Jesus because that is the most happy place."
    I was a bit taken aback thinking "Did my child just wish me dead?"

  2. Haha, what a nice way to wish you dead tho, LOL.

  3. Um, excuse me! Abuelita was 101! lol
    PS you are old. bwahahaha!

    hey mama, i gave you a shout out on my blog. i thought you might appreciate the extra traffic before you croak!

  5. Bwahahahaa!!! My 5 (almost 6) year old son, recently said the same thing to me. Well, if I have to go when I'm ... 30... ish, atleast I will be with company. All us old people have to stick together. LOLs


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