Today is THE Day

Today is my due date. I am feeling ready to go. But nothing is happening yet. This is not part of my plan. I planned on going into labor either early or exactly on time. If I am not in labor by midnight tonight I am going to be ticked.

Well, ok, I will not be ticked. But I will be bummed. I cannot wait to hold this new baby in my arms, and everyone is asking me, "When? When? When?"

I wish I had an answer, but in the meantime I am starting to feel the pressure. I should just hide out in my house until she is born. Every time I see someone I know they ask me "When?" ... which makes me feel like I can't show my face around here until I am holding the baby in my arms instead of my uterus. I mean, how embarrassing! I am due but I am not in labor! Hello, body! Can we have some cooperation here??

So I think hiding is a good idea. That's my tactic. What do you do when you labor is imminent and everyone is staring you down?


  1. Still trying to control the uncontrollable? You sound like Andrea! But I know the feeling. Just grin and bear it? No, I don't have an answer to this one. The good thing it that you know it will happen soon, two weeks later at the most, right? (ncl)

  2. I go for a walk, which is what you should do, too. :) Try to enjoy sleep while you can.

  3. Ooops, didn't meant to contribute to your stress by asking. I'd never thought of the pressure you'd be feeling. I guess at this point it's time to try all the old wives remedies. Have you tried acupressure? There are several how to videos on youtube. The foot one worked for me :-)

  4. I tried accupressure for the last two weeks... no dice! Have been taking long walks. Today's just about killed me because my lower left back has shooting pain running all the way down the back of my leg with every step I take!


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